Northwest Waters

The NORTHWEST WISCONSIN WATERS CONSORTIUM is an active coalition of countywide lake associations serving northwest Wisconsin. Our Board of Directors is composed of one representative from each member county. We work to protect and preserve Wisconsin's surface waters for the benefit of the public.

To better serve our lakes, streams and wetlands, we work in partnership with UWEX, DNR, WAL and many local organizations and agencies. Membership is open to all countywide lake groups and non-profit organizations that serve our waters and share our mission. See BYLAWS page for more information.

The following counties are represented in the Northwest Wisconsin Waters Consortium: Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, Sawyer, Price, Taylor, Burnett and Polk. All adjacent counties are invited to participate. Contact Jim Brakken, VP, at

ACTION ALERT:  See RECENT NEWS for more info.

J S ARTICLE: Droughts drain northern lakes MORE . . .

Ashland County Shorland Protection Association joins Northwest Waters. See BOARD DIRECTORY page for more

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