Northwest Waters Agendas & Minutes

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NORTHWEST WATERS minutes will be posted here. Agendas, too.

Northwest Wisconsin Waters Consortium

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Annual Meeting Minutes 

                                                                June 18, 2010


The third annual meeting of the Northwest Wisconsin Waters Consortium (NWWC) was held at Drummond School, Drummond Wisconsin on June 18, 2010.


21 individuals signed the attendance sheet.


Consortium directors present:

            Jim Brakken- Bayfield James Heim-Douglas                Chris Jeffords-Sawyer    


Craig Walkey, Washburn   


President Waldo Asp (Sawyer) called the meeting to order at 7:44 AM.


The agenda was approved without change.


The 2009 NWWC annual meeting minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  We have $947.46 in our account.  Audit is scheduled June 22, 2010.


Vice President’s Report:  Brakken has testified in Madison representing NWWC on several issues before the State Legislature during the 2009 session. 

Brakken stated that NWWC supports the Loon Watch Program to get the lead out fishing tackle in Wisconsin lakes.

At the last Annual Meeting Brakken asked the membership for a one-time donation to increase our operating funds.  A similar appeal was sent out by email to the NWWC mailing list.  Only Bayfield County lake associations responded with a $900 contribution.  Brakken will appeal to the membership again for a one-time contribution.

Brakken has organized a 50/50 raffle for today’s conference.  The winning ticket holder will receive one half of the proceeds from the raffle money collected.  Brakken is offering to come to any member County to conduct a similar raffle.


President’s Report:  NWWC is conducting the sale of broad brimmed hats at the conference to promote shielding from the sun and skin cancer.  Motion Brakken, Second Heim to sell hats to NWWC membership at cost.  Motion carried.

NWWC has pledged to work with Wisconsin (Assoc of) Lakes (W L) in regional organization.


WL Liaison Report:  Earl Cook, Wisconsin Lakes President, stated that six regions are being considered in Wisconsin under W L and that the organizing of these regions is in the beginning stages.  Regional pilot projects are currently being planned for Northeast and North Central Wisconsin.


Loon Watch Program:  Stacey Craig, Loon Watch Program, announced that the Wisconsin Loon Population Survey conducted every five years takes place this year.  The goal is to get a representative Loon count throughout Wisconsin and volunteers are needed.  Anyone interested can contact her at or can stop by their booth today.


Motions for Discussion and Action:


  • Election of Officers:  The terms of President and Treasurer expire today.  The terms of Vice President and Secretary have one more year.  Craig Walkey has asked to step down as Secretary due to new employment commitment.  Ralph Heuschele has indicated his interest as candidacy to continue as Treasurer.

Brakken nominated Asp for a second term as president.  Heim nominated Heuschele for a second term as Treasurer.  There were no nominations for Secretary.  There were no other nominations.  Motion Heim, second Brakken to close nominations.  Motion carried.  Slate of candidates approved as officers.

Brakken stated that the bylaws allow a combined Secretary/Treasurer position and that any member could assist the treasurer in secretarial duties.

  • Annual Newsletter Award:  Motion Jeffords, second Heim to approve award of excellency to Long Lake Preservation Association for their second annual historic Long Lake colander and to Bayfield County for their Lake Reflections newsletter.  Motion carried.

  • NWWC Logo:  Motion Heim, second Brakken to approve the new NWWC Logo.  Motion Carried.

  • NWWC Platform:  Motion Heim, Second Brakken to approve NWWC platform including:

                  Elimination of lead fishing tackle

                  Groundwater protection

                  Grey water management

                  Youth water education projects

Motion carried.

  • Northwest Lakes Conference Support:  Motion Brakken, second Heim to request the Northwest Lakes Conference to consider including NWWC as a participating sponsor of the conference.  Motion carried.

  • Regional Newsletter:  Motion Brakken, Second Heim that NWWC sponsor a regional newsletter.  Discussion, each County member and supporting organization would pay for the cost of printing their contributing article(s) and the cost for the number of copies they want printed.  The mechanics of letterhead and organization are to be worked out.  Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned 8:30 AM.            Respectfully submitted, Craig Walkey, Secretary

Annual Meeting Minutes 

                                                                June 19, 2009


The second annual meeting of the Northwest Wisconsin Waters Consortium (NWWC) was held at Telemark Resort in Cable Wisconsin on June 19, 2009.


18 individuals signed the attendance sheet.


Consortium directors present:

            Jim Brakken       Bayfield           Ralph Heuschele          Rusk

            Fred Krueger     Burnett             Waldo Asp                 Sawyer

            James Heim        Douglas            Craig Walkey Washburn

            Jim Williams       Price


We have a quorum to conduct business. 


President Asp called the meeting to order at 7:32 AM.


The agenda was approved without change.


The 2008 NWWC meeting minutes were approved with a correction to the meeting date of June 20, 2008.


Treasurer’s Report:  We have $ $211.27 in our account.


Vice President’s Report:  We have a display set up in the lobby.  Brakken requests that member counties consider a special donation with their 2009 annual dues to build up our account.  Awards will be presented during the lunch hour for the best 2008 NWWC newsletters also at our display.  NWWC has testified on major issues before the Joint Finance Committee.  All of these issues can be found on our website at


President’s Report:  The executive directors have met several times during 2008/9 and all are welcome to attend.  Meetings are posted in advance on our website.  Asp encourages the NWWC directors to approach their respective County Board Chairpersons regarding common NWWC issues.  A goal for this year is to have NWWC sponsor and/or support education activities in the Northwest related to water resource programs.


WAL Liaison Report:  WAL president Earl Cook stated that WAL supports NWWC and WAL is striving to promote similar regional outreach groups throughout Wisconsin.  WAL is holding a series of listening sessions throughout the state.  In the Northwest there will be a listening session at the July Minong Lake Fair and Washburn County plans to host a listening session in September.


Motions for Discussion and Action:


  • Motion by Asp that NWWC promote skin cancer and melanoma awareness as a public service to all who use our waters.  The motion was seconded and carried by voice vote.
  • Motion by Brakken that NWWC apply for a $4,000 education grant through the DNR to be available to the NWWC member counties for reducing individual’s costs to attend the Northwest Lakes Conference.  Heuschele seconded.  During discussion, Brakken explained that $3,00 could be available from the grant and that the $1,000 match from NWWC would be from in-kind labor to administer the grant.  A budget of $240 from the grant would support the NWWC website.  A budget of $500 would be set aside for transportation costs for individuals to attend the Green Bay Lakes Conference.  The balance of $2,200 would be used for the Northwest Lakes Conference registration fees.  Each member county would get an equal share of the grant for their distribution to individuals desiring to attend the conference.  Roll call vote: Bayfield (Y), Rusk (Y), Sawyer (Y), Price (Y), Douglas (Y), Washburn (A), Burnett (Y).
  • Motion by Brakken that NWWC advise the Natural Resources Board that NWWC supports the proposed revised NR115 with four recommended changes (clarifications) from BCLF defined as 1. Define building height. 2. Clarify OHWM setback. 3. Refine impervious surface calculations.  4. Consider sideward expansion setback.  Heim seconded.  During discussion, Cook warned against the action as the proposed revised NR115 is very fragile and the compromises make to support revised NR115 by the many varied participants could fall apart by this action.  This would be an unfortunate setback.  Counties could impose stronger rules. Other discussion supported the action that the NRB at least review the (NWWC) request for clarification.  Discussion continued with both pros and cons.  Roll call vote: Bayfield (Y), Burnett (Y), Rusk (Y), Sawyer (Y), Price (A), Douglas (Y), Washburn (A).  Motion requires 6 voting in favor.  Motion failed.  (On 6/26 WCLRA BOD officially voted No.)
  • Motion by Brakken to have NWWC approve a resolution to submit the application for the DNR grant (above).  Motion seconded and carried by voice vote.
  • Motion that all business to be presented during the NWWC annual meeting be made available to the membership no later than four weeks before the annual meeting.  Motion seconded and carried by voice vote.




Other Business: 


  • Krueger recommended that NWWC member’s counties encourage their state representatives to support the Transport Law moving through the legislature.
  • Jeffords encouraged NWWC member counties to support AIS regulations and ordinances to insure that fishing tournaments obey state AIS laws.


Election of Officers for 2009-10:  Motion by Asp that the current term of officers be; President one year, Vice President two year, Secretary two year, and Treasurer one year.  This will allow for staggered election of officers in accordance with our bylaws.  Motion seconded and carried by voice vote.


Annual meeting schedule:  Motion by Asp that the 2010 annual meeting again be scheduled in conjunction with the (June 18) 2010 Northwest Lakes Conference (AM meeting).  Motion seconded and carried by voice vote.


Meeting adjourned 8:30 AM.


Submitted by Craig Walkey, Secretary





AGENDA:      NORTHWEST WATERS ANNUAL MEETING  June 19, 2009  7:30 a.m.   Telemark


You are invited to attend the second annual meeting of the Northwest Wisconsin Waters Consortium.  We are meeting for one hour prior to the Northwest Wisconsin Lakes Conference in the Namakagon C meeting room at Telemark Resort and Conference Center, Friday, June 19.  To accommodate us, registration and breakfast will be available starting at 7:00 a.m.  Here is the tentative agenda:


7:30     Call to order

            Welcome and announcements

            Approval of the agenda

7:35            Secretary’s report by Craig Walkey

            Roll call of voting member counties

            Minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting

7:40            Treasurer’s report by Ralph Heuschle

            Dues for 2009-10

7:45     Vice President’s report by Jim Brakken

Activities and accomplishments of NWWC in the past year

7:50            President’s report by Waldo Asp

            Priorities for the coming year

8:00     WAL liaison report by Earl Cook

            Relationship of NWWC with WAL and other regional consortiums

8:05      Resolution to apply for DNR grant

8:06      Motions for discussion and action

            Motions from county members

8:20     Election of officers for 2009-10:


                        Vice president



8:25            Decision on time and place of future board meetings

and 2010 Annual Meeting

8:30            Adjournment [time certain]

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Northwest Wisconsin Waters Consortium (NWWC) 2008 Annual Meeting Minutes


The first Annual Meeting of the Northwest Wisconsin Waters Consortium (NWWC) was held at Telemark Resort in Cable, Wisconsin on June 19, 2008 pursuant to plans made at the November 30, 2007 exploratory session.


29 individuals signed the attendance roster.


Waldo Asp, Pro-tem President called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. and offered brief history of the development of the NWWC along with comments by Chris Jeffords and Pro-tem VP, Craig Walkey.


There was brief discussion on the geographic region that the organization could or should encompass. No action was taken.


Jim Brakken, Pro-tem Secretary-Treasurer, noted that $20 dues for 2008 had been received from the county-wide lakes and rivers organizations of Bayfield, Burnett, Polk, Sawyer and Taylor counties. A total of $100.14 is now on deposit at the Hayward Credit Union. (note: the NWWC owes $50 to WAL/Telemark for use of the room).


Following distribution of the NWWC draft bylaws, Jim Heim moved that the bylaws be approved pursuant to discussion and alteration. Second: Brakken


Cathie Erickson began the bylaw discussion by offering information on some of the proposed changes recommended by the WCLRA.


After two hours of in-depth consideration that resulted in numerous changes in the document, the bylaws were approved by a 28 (yes), 1 (no) vote.


Discussion then followed regarding composition of the Board of Directors and officers. It was agreed that election should be postponed until a later date and Pro-tem officers should remain in place until then. This would give county-wide groups an opportunity to meet, discuss the NWWC progress, submit dues if not already done. It was also agreed that today’s meeting should resume later this summer. Pro-tem President Asp adjourned this portion of the meeting to the later date.


Submitted by Jim Brakken, Pro-tem Secretary/Treasurer



  • Dues of $20 should be made payable to NWWC-Jim Brakken and mailed to


Jim Brakken

45255 East Cable Lake Road

Cable, Wisconsin 54821

Editor's note: Treasurer is now:

Ralph Heuschle, NWWC Treasurer

Rusk County

Rusk County Waters Alliance    RCWA

W14709 Plummer Rd.

Weyerhaeuser Wi. 54895

Please send dues and contributions to Ralph.



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May 5, 2009



Location: Loon Café  Stone Lake, WI

Present: Waldo Asp, Jim Brakken, Ralph Heuschle, Craig Walkey, Earl Cook


Call to Order: 9:00

Review of minutes: none

Treasurers Report: Balance $71.00


Vice President Report:

1.          Support letters and thank you letters: Certificates of award will be presented to St. Sen. Jauch and Milroy and St. Rep. Sherman For their support of recently passed water resources environmental protection bills.  Also, certificates of award will be presented to the 2008 newsletter winners.

2.          Education grant for 2010 NWLC Policy: The DNR sponsors grants through their Small Lake Grants Program.  Three thousand dollar grants are available with a $1000 dollar match.  Jim Brakken will provide details at the NWWC General Meeting.

3.          Website Tournaments: There is concern that fishing tournament hosts may not be adequately advising their participants of Wisconsin laws protecting our water resources, i.e. AIS transport.  Lake hopping can cause serious concerns.  This will be a major topic for our General Meeting.


Brakken set up a free website at and will look to the board of directors for suggestions and content.  Brakken recommends that we purchase the domain name at a cost of between $10 and $20 dollars annually.


Report on Planning for the NW Wisconsin Lakes Conference:

The NWWC second annual meeting (General Meeting) is scheduled to meet at 7:30 AM at the conference.  Asp will prepare an invitation and Walkey will send the invitation to the NWWC mailing list.  The invitation will include a request for all NWWC Directors to notify their County organization, associated lake associations, and their members.


Awards to Best Lake Newsletters:

            See VP report above.


Directors’ Communication Policy:

The NWWC suffers from a poor response from its’ board of directors.  Some directors respond very timely and many do not respond at all.  This may cause serious problems when Board decisions must be addressed.  It has already caused a vacuum of response to simple meeting notices.  Brakken will prepare a Directors’ Communication Policy for the BOD to review for publication.


Additional Issues for Consideration:

Cook discussed the opportunity for a Northwest WAL listening session in the near future.  Walkey offered to approach WCLRA about hosting such a meeting in Spooner.


Adjournment: 11:34


Next BOD Meeting: Friday, June 19, 2009 at the NW Lakes Conference at 7:30 AM



DECEMBER 9, 2008



The NWWC officers, several NWWC directors, and representatives from WAL met on Dec. 9, 2008 at the Loon Café in Stone Lake to set an agenda for NWWC for 2009.  Participating were:


Waldo Asp  President                                       Chris Jeffords  WAL/SCLF Director

Jim Brakken  Vice President                             Jim Williams  PCWA Director

Craig Walkey  Secretary                                   Roger Wilson  DCALS Director

Earl Cook  WAL President


The following is the minutes from the meeting:


  1. NWWC will present an annual certificate of award to the best lake newsletters.  Three awards will be presented for best County, lake association, and website newsletters.  Please send copies of your newsletters to Waldo Asp P O Box 205 Birchwood, Wi. 54817 or

  2. We need to organize a list of funding resources for our membership.  Two state grants that are popular are the State Conservation Grant and the DNR Lake management Grant.  Applications are due Jan. 15, 2009 and Feb. 1, 2009 respectively.  Both grants are available for County and lake association projects.  Contacts for both applications can be found at and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

  3. NWWC will consider endorsing County and regional projects that support our mission.  Requests for endorsement should be sent to President Asp for board approval.

  4. Bayfield County Lakes Forum proposes that NWWC become actively involved with sea plane potential spread of AIS.  WAL will also look into this matter.

  5. Earl Cook gave a brief report on state waters issues that may come before the state legislature in 2009.  WAL is guardedly optimistic.  NWWC will follow WAL’s lead for our support on any issues before the legislature.

  6. A regional issue that may need NWWC attention is supporting Counties that have passed laws against boats and trailers transporting weeds on the highways and landings that County law enforcements are reluctant to enforce.  NWWC will also investigate whether multi lake fishing tournaments have provisions for disqualification for breaking state laws.

  7. NWWC will plan an executive on April 31, 2009 at 9 AM at the Loon Café to set the date and agenda for our 2009 annual meeting.


Respectfully Submitted,

Craig Walkey, Secretary


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