Northwest Waters

Northwest Waters Testimony in Madison

100’ No-Wake: NWWC testified before the Senate & Assembly Committees in favor.

This bill is now on the Governor's desk and there is no reason to believe he will not sign it into law.


Zero P Lawn Fertilizer: NWWC testified in favor of the bill before the Senate. This was signed into law.


JFC Testimony

NWWC spoke before the Joint Finance Committee on a variety of water-related issues including: No more cuts to the DNR shoreland protection efforts;  No more cuts to the DNR warden travel budget; Not allowing DATCP to cut our northwest counties’ shoreland protection efforts and staff.



NWWC now has a website ( that educates folks about our work.


We created a logo and letterhead and a NWWC Kiosk for display at lake events.


Lobbying efforts


In a conversation and follow-up letter to DNR Secretary Matt Frank, the NWWC expressed concerns regarding the very poor results of AIS Control grants for the northwest lake associations. We requested that, if federal stimulus funds became available to the DNR, they should be immediately applied to our 'shovel ready' AIS control programs. This would protect our lake and put many college kids and retirees to work.


We also expressed the NWWC's displeasure with the current NR 115 proposal to Secretary Frank. It is clear that the Secretary now understands the northwest concern. An alternative suggestion to split the state to better address the needs of the northern lakes was proposed.


A Northwest Waters op-ed was published in the Wisconsin State Journal and many other newspapers in Wisconsin called ‘Keep the W in LWCD’. It warns against DATCP’s attempt to gut the LWCDs’ shoreland protection work and staff in the north.


Ongoing efforts

Northwest Waters is working to improve the Fish Tourney rules and policies in our region. We expect to have a satisfactory resolution to tournament issues that will be applicable to all NWWC counties by summer's end.


Pursuant to conversations and correspondence with Jim Brakken, representing the NWWC, DNR Secretary Matt Frank has agreed to speak before the 2009 Northwest Lakes Conference.

The Executive Committee has met 4 times and has set agenda for the 2009 Annual Meeting to be held at 7:30 a.m. at Telemark on June 19th.


The NWWC will write a small Lake Planning Grant will be written to offset the high registration fee associated w/ the Northwest Lakes Conference.

Northwest Waters will present 3 'best 2008 newsletter' awards at the '09 Northwest Lakes Conference.


On behalf of the NWWC, Jim Brakken has asked Minn Kota to improve the design of the Deckhand electric anchor winch to allow fishermen to easily pop the cover off and remove trapped plants. This will help avoid transport of AIS. Correspondence continues between the NWWC, Bayfield County Lakes Forum, Minn Kota and parent corporation Johnson Outdoors.


NWWC’s recruitment effort continues to move forward. The inclusion of Ashland County brings our group to 10 countywide groups. All neighboring counties and ‘fringe’ counties have been informed of our work and invited to participate. We have also encouraged the counties in the far northeast to consider forming their own consortium. If this happens, we will work cooperatively on behalf of all northern lakes and their respective conservation organizations.





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